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Real Estate Property Terms


Real Estate

 Land and anything permanently affixed to the land and those things attached to the building.


  The rights of ownership. The right to use, possess, enjoy,
 and dispose of a thing in every legal way and to exclude
 everyone else from interfering with these rights. Property
 is generally classified into two groups, personal property
 and real property.


 In a legal sense, the solid part of the surface of the earth,
 as distinguished from water; any ground, soil or earth
 whatsoever regarded as the subject of ownership and everything
 annexed to it, whether by nature, e.g., trees and everything in
 or on it, such as minerals and running water, or annexed to it
 by man; e.g., buildings, fences, etc. In an economic sense,
 land consists of all those elements in the wealth of a nation
 which is supposed to be furnished by nature as distinguished
 from those improvements which owe their value to the labor and
 organizing power of man.



Home, House, Residence, Dwelling, La Residence

 The place where one actually lives; a building used as a home
 or dwelling.


Single Family Home

 Single family residences are detached homes, usually with both
 a front and back yard, driveway, and attached carport or


Single Family Detached Home

    A residential home that is not attached physically to another



 More Property Terms

Multi Family Home, Multiple Family Home

  Multi family homes include apartment buildings, townhouses,
  condominiums, and shared housing. A building with 4 or less
  units is not deemed commercial. 


  Multiple Family Building

   A complex of five units and larger. It is deemed commercial.


  A 2 family house.


 Mother Daughter Home

    A mother daughter home is not the same as a two family home.
   It may be that one cannot rent the other unit of the home




 Condo, Condominium

 A structure of 2 or more units, the interior space of which are individually owned.

Apartment, Flat

A room or set of rooms occupied as a dwelling.

Apartment Building

A building divided into individual dwelling units.

Town House

Also known as a row house, generally refers to a type of dwelling having two floors, with the living area and kitchen on the first floor, and the bedrooms on the second. Town houses share a common wall between units.





  Commercial Property

 Property intended for use by all types of retail and wholesale
 stores, office buildings, hotels and service establishments.



   A place where business is transacted or a service is supplied.


Other Definitions

 Other Real Estate Terms may require definitions and we suggest that you consider an internet search in Wikipedia or by Real Estate Terms.



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